Simone Smerilli - Coda Expert

I help organizations and entrepreneurs develop intentional digital systems to increase work effectiveness and reduce hyperactive hive-mind behavior.
My name is Simo.

I am a no-code/low-code and automation developer and consultant. I help organizations and entrepreneurs develop intentional digital systems to increase work effectiveness and reduce .

As a graduate student of Strategy & Digital Business, I explore the intersections between organizations and cutting-edge technology, while applying those concepts in my work.


Why I Do This

There is a sweet spot between order and chaos in organizations and operations for businesses and personal life. Too much order and there are diminishing returns to your systems, which effectively become less effective. Too much chaos and there are diminishing returns to your systems (what systems?).
I enjoy strategizing to find the sweet spot and implementing streamlined digital systems to apply productivity principles for enhanced well-being and sustained effectiveness. You may consider the sweet spot an ideal state to keep as a reference point. That ideal, when identified specifically for your use case, can make a difference in your conception of work.

How I Do This

I begin by understanding the situation, complications, and desired final state of your use case, in a fashion. I use the latest, most appropriate software to craft streamlined digital systems that are highly usable by every individual within your organization or team.
I iterate on the systems continuously based on your and your team’s feedback, to ensure the end-product works for you specifically, not for me generically.



You can’t solve a problem if you don’t understand the end-user you are building for. Empathizing is about understanding the end-user and core complications in depth.



Defining the complications and desired state is an essential component of every project. A common, clear understanding of the problem will lead to an appropriate solution.



A prototype makes it real. Now it is time to get into a solution-oriented mindset. That is key to create meaningful improvement.



Testing fosters a valuable feedback loop. You will test the systems to provide feedback and inputs, as well as ask questions.



We will iterate together on the systems based on your feedback, until arriving at the final product.


Document & Train

At this point, I will create documentation and do any necessary live training, depending on your preferences.

What I Do

I will craft your custom Coda systems, including all the automation and integrations that you need for making technology work with you, not against you. Below you can find some example Coda docs that I created and made available to the public, as well as a video walkthrough of one of those.

What People Say

“Simone was lightning fast with this project. His communication and careful guidance were terrific. I could not be happier!”Josh, business owner
“Simone has been a key piece in my buildout over the last month and I couldn't have asked for a better professional to help me with everything. Excited for the next venture we have together.” ​Lashay, founder and CEO

"Simone really went above and beyond to thoroughly understand my requirements and built a very robust system. He was very responsive, responding to questions and requests very quickly and delivered the project early.” ​Alex, founder and CEO

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I help organizations and entrepreneurs develop intentional digital systems to increase work effectiveness and reduce .

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